Free to use data applications

The World Health Organisation published global data on particle pollutants, in particular PM2.5 and PM10. They reported that over thirty UK cities were above safe particle pollutant levels. 

The Shiro Bara Performance Studio has published the WHO data in this free to use and share dashboard that allows you to drill down to UK city level and check the pollutant levels in your area. 

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Take a look at this free to use and share dashboard on the makeup of the European Parliament. 

Who are our MEPs? How many of them are there? How much EU MEP representation does each country have? 

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This free to use dashboard shows the UK Local Election results by constituency from the sixties through to 2017. Published in time for anyone interested in reviewing the historical political split in their authority prior to the upcoming UK Local Elections in May 2018.

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National Crime surveys are undertaken in each region and for each police authority. This simple dashboard presents crime by category, region and police authority from 2003 until 2011. 

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English Regional Recycling Data
The amount of waste that we generate in England has reduced from 80-90% to under 10% in some areas. Track this phenomenal change by year in the English regions.

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Single Use Carrier Bags (2016-2017)

The five pence levy for single use carrier bags has been in place in the England for some time now, but how many single use carrier bags are we still using and how much is being donated to good causes? 

This simple, free to use app by Shiro Bara Performance Studio shows who is donating the largest proportion of the proceeds to good causes... and who is not! 

Try filtering by your favourite stores on the high street and see how they are performing against their competitors.   

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PLACE 2016

How clean is your local hospital Trust? Each year an audit takes place in your local hospital called PLACE, which stands for Patient Led Audit of the Care Environment. These audits are undertaken by a mixture of people, but ultimately are led by ex patients. Check out this dashboard to see how well your local hospital did in 2016. Skip through the categories by using the navigation at the bottom of the dashboard. 

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Camden Air Quality

The government website recently released the figures from an air quality study in Camden. This dashboard allows the user to pick a point in time during the study plus one of the locations and identify the pollutant levels. 

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General Election Tracker

 A simple dashboard covering the results of the 2010-, 2015 and 2017 UK General Elections. 

Simple to use, feel free to link to this or embed in your own apps.  

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2016 EU Referendum Results
A powerful insight into how the UK voted in the 2016 EU Referendum.  
Free to use, link to or embed.  

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