PFI Performance Project

We were contracted by an East London Healthcare organisation with a PFI build within its estate who required an analysis and investigation into the quality of FM services being delivered as part of the PFI contract.

There was a noticeable gap between the Clients perception of the quality of the FM services being delivered compared to the reported performance by the service provider.

Poor customer satisfaction scores along with the high level of complaints and recalls indicated that the quality of services provided were not satisfactory, though the PFI service provider and SPV had not made any deductions for substandard service delivery for over three years.  

Over a period of three months we were able to identify serious gaps in processes that had enabled almost a quarter of a million of pounds of service quality deductions that should have been applied. we prepared a detailed report of the shortfalls identifying the failures of the previous three years, which put the client in a position to robustly challenge its service providers and ultimately ensure the return of these funds to the public purse.