Shiro Bara History

Shiro Bara, translated from Japanese is White Rose. 
The origin of the name for the Shiro Bara Performance Studio is that it was originally a name given by Neil Froggatt to his Ju Jitsu club in Sevenoaks, Kent, in 2002. 

The significance of the white rose was that Neil Froggatt, a Yorkshireman, was teaching a martial art he learned with his brother and friends in Yorkshire to students in his new home in the South of England. 

Some time after starting the club in Sevenoaks, Neil was made redundant from his CIO role in the City which led to the formation of a small boutique IT support company in Sevenoaks, again using the name Shiro Bara. 

Shiro Bara IT Services traded for a couple of years before being put on ice  whilst Neil undertook several large operational performance and improvement projects, predominantly with outsourced services in the public sector.

In early 2018 the stars were aligned to bring back the Shiro Bara brand as a new Limited company specialising in Performance oriented solutions, capitalising on Neil's background in IT, Outsourced Services, Analysis, Business Intelligence and Performance solutions under the banner of The Shiro Bara Performance Studio.