Performance and Improvement Solutions

The Shiro Bara Performance Studio specialises in providing a range of operational performance and improvement tools and solutions. Delivering improvements in operational performance, efficiency, effectiveness and perception. 

Our improvement solutions are delivered through the Kaizen approach rather than the more common LEAN/SIGMA method, which is more suited to performance improvements in the services industries. 


Powerful Performance
Performance Projects
Performance Improvement
Performance Reporting
Performance Monitoring

Impartial Auditing
Compliance Audits
Health & Safety
Monitor Outsourced Services

Dynamic Analysis
Extracting Insights

Custom tools
Easy to use
Drive decision making

Beautiful BI
Dynamic and easy to use
Real time reporting
Data Superpower

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  • Kaizen Improvement Tools and Solutions
    Kaizen Improvement Tools and Solutions Recognised Kaizen tools and solutions used to deliver performance improvements.
  • Free to Use Library
    Free to Use Library Feel free to use, embed and share our growing free to use library of BI Dashboards.
  • 100% Off Offer!
    100% Off Offer! We will design and publish an initial BI dashboard for free.
  • Powerful Analysis
    Powerful Analysis Maximise the power of your data through easy to use powerful reporting that drives decision making
  • Outsourced Reporting
    Outsourced Reporting Outsourcing reporting can delivery both quality and cost benefits.
  • Dynamic Analysis
    Dynamic Analysis Data is of no benefit if it cant be presented as actionable insights.

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