Shiro Bara Performance Reports

Does your business need to move away from retrospective paper based reporting and embrace powerful multimedia interactive real-time BI based solutions that drive better business decision making?

Performance reports form the basis of much management decision making. However, standard paper based reports are inherently ineffective. Typical problems include:-

  • Produced retrospectively, so intelligence within cannot be used to intervene in the performance period to rectify any performance deviation.
  • Paper based, dense in actual content but heavy and unwieldy and not the right content for all stakeholders.
  • Static snapshot in time that doesn't allow for manipulation of the content.  
Shiro Bara can assist your business in producing a truly multi media, real time, interactive and powerful set of performance reports that address all of the issues of classic paper based reporting solutions. These reports can be designed to meet the preference of a variety of reviewing audience, with a typical example being printable electronic reports with embedded links to real time BI dashboards that allow drill down into data that paper based solutions cannot provide.