A large NHS Trusts in house FM Organisation required an overhaul of its performance reporting solution, which were paper based and retrospective (too late to enable intervention). 

We replaced the reams of paper based reports that delivered little value with a powerful and interactive suite of Business Intelligence reports which had the immediate impact of engaging managers and driving performance.   


One of the UKs largest service providors had a dilemma of retendering for an FM contract for an Emergency Services Body nearing the end of its term, but which was delivering a much lower margin that expected, and less than the cost of bidding for the extension would have generated.

Shiro Bara led a cost reduction programme, which restructured, right sized and upskilled its workforce which resulted in an increase of margin to 8% and the successful retendering of the contract.

With an NHS Trust suffering financial difficulties, this service provider found itself facing new levels of scrutiny of its services for the purposes of maximising service deficiency deductions and reducing the cost of the outsourced services.

Deductions had risen from an average of around £1000 per month to a staggering £100,000 per month, completely eroding the margin of the service provider and leaving it facing drastic cost cutting measures if this issue couldn't be addressed.

Through a programme of service improvement to reduce failures and robust challenge to mitigate of failures, deductions were reduced from £100,000 to under £10,000 a month within six months.